Slack Integration

“As much fun as Slack is, it’s even better when you plug other applications into it.” - Slack Blog, 2015 

Here at Pitchbox, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’re proud to announce another application that you can plug into Slack-- us. We know that Slack has become super popular amongst digital marketing teams, and many of you have asked that we integrate our two systems. 

With this new integration, Slack users will be able to get Pitchbox notifications automatically pushed into the Slack channel of their choice. Setting it up is easy, just go to Project Settings > Notifications, and set up when you want to be notified. Whether a prospect emails you back, a new task is assigned, or your team gets a big win- those notifications will be right in your team’s Slack window. 

P.S. If you download Slack’s mobile app, you can get Pitchbox alerts right to your phone--- booyah.