What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields give you the ability to enter and track key data related to your opportunities across your Pitchbox account. With custom fields, you’re in control.

Here are some examples of the many ways you can leverage custom fields:

  • Easily track the types of sites you're reaching out to.
  • Make note of placement type.
  • Create your own scaling system to rank your opportunities. 
  • Record the costs of assets (like images & content).
  • Keep track of specific dates.

Custom fields can be managed by admins as well as users who have been granted the Manage Custom Fields privilege. Custom fields can be utilized during  personalization, within your email template, and on Opportunity Details.

How to Create Custom Fields

To get started with custom fields click on Settings > Custom Fields. 

When creating custom fields, the first step is to set up your groups. Groups will allow you to organize your custom fields. 

  • Click on Add/Edit Groups to get started. 
  • Give your group a name according to the fields that will be added within that group. 
  • Click on “+New Custom Field” to create a new custom field.
  • Select the order in which you want your fields to appear.

For reference, there is already a custom fields group called Win Details with pre-made custom fields to help you track additional information for opportunities marked as Won.

Custom Field Types

Name your field and select a type. Similar to  personalization fields, there are specific custom field types that you can assign to each custom field. These types help you organize how information is entered for any of your custom fields:

Using Custom Fields

After confirming the type of field, select where you would like the Custom Field(s) to appear across your account.

  • Show in Personalization: Custom fields will be viewable from the personalize stage of the workflow. For custom fields labeled as required, value must be entered before they can be moved into the compose stage of the workflow.
  • Show in Opp Details: Will be displayed on the right side of your screen on the Opportunity Details page.
  • Show in Templates: Gives you the option to use the field in your email templates.
  • Prompt When Milestone is Changed: A popup will display to prompt for value when individual milestone is changed.

Once your field has been created, you will have the option to edit the settings and change the order with which they are displayed. Please note that after a custom field has been created, the type cannot be changed. 

After you have entered data in for your fields, you can then track your custom fields with Custom Field Reports.