Creating and Assigning Tasks

Tasks give you the ability to keep on top of opportunities by assigning tasks to yourself as well as to other team members.

Select the Project that you want to create a task in, and then select the ‘Tasks’ section on the left-hand side of your screen. Then click the ‘Add Task’ button.

Tasks are required to be assigned to a Campaign and Opportunity. When assigning a task, you’ll want to include a few words about the task in the Description text box. You can also select a Due Date if that applies. Once you’ve done that, assign the task! When you assign someone a task, by default, that person will receive an email notification letting them know a new task has been assigned to them.

Note: If you do not assign the Task to a specific team member, there will be no email notification sent for the creation of that Task.

Once you’ve selected ‘Add Task’ and it has been assigned to someone on your team, the email notification they receive will give them a preview of some information contained in the Task.