Campaign Performance Report

Run a Campaign Performance Report in Pitchbox to track the progression of your campaigns, view the status of your current opportunities, and monitor your response rate and wins across campaigns.

Active Campaigns & Outreach Progress

View the number of campaigns of active campaigns and the average Outreach Progress for your campaigns.  

Keep Track of Opportunity Volume in Real-Time

As indicated in the above screenshot, you can track the total number of opportunities in a project, as well as the number of opportunities currently in the Workflow: Inspect, Personalize, & Compose. (Note: Any follow up attempts sitting in Compose are not counted toward the Workflow.) 

Additionally, get insight into the current status of your opportunities. You can see how many are still in the Email Sequence & how many have completed emailing.

Gain Insight into Responses

Utilize actionable data like your Average Response Rate to improve and enhance future campaigns. 

Response Rate is calculated by Opportunities Responded / Opportunities Emailed.

All You Do Is Win

See if you've met your goals for your campaigns by reporting on the number of your wins and losses. 

Lastly, you can also export all of this data via our CSV Export. 

The Campaigns table at the bottom of the report displays a break down of this data for each individual campaign from the aggregate number.