How Can I Add a Website to my Campaign Outside of Pitchbox?

If you’re browsing online and find a blog or website that would be a good fit for a campaign, you can add it via Pitchbox’s Bookmarklet. To access your Bookmarklet, click on your name in the top right of your Pitchbox screen and select “My Profile”.

Drag the button labeled “Pitchbox” to your bookmark bar in Chrome or Firefox and a bookmark will be added titled Pitchbox.

Then, the next time you come across a website or a blog that would fit one of your campaigns, simply click on the Pitchbox button in your toolbar and select the Project and Campaign for which you would like to add that opportunity.

When you’re browsing the site you want to add to a campaign, simply click the bookmark you made and a popup will populate your screen. This will allow you to choose which project and campaign you wish to add this opportunity to.