Can I Run a Link Removal Campaign Without a Link Research Tools Account? If so, How?

Absolutely! Import your file and map the necessary columns to the correct fields from your file, just like you would in a CSV Import campaign. As with an import campaign, Pitchbox will automatically add the following system fields: URL List, URL Count, Subdomain Count, Subdomain List.

Once you’ve imported your list and added email templates, you can easily send emails in bulk at any stage of the workflow by clicking the 'Process Link Removal Opportunities' button.

This will take all the data you imported and your templates and send those emails out immediately. It will also mark any of the opportunities with no contact information as 'Lost' (you can view all of your lost opportunities in the Pipeline). Once your link removal campaign has finished sending, go to your Pipeline and download a disavow file to submit to Google.

(It is important to note that Link Removal Campaigns only deduplicate against other Link Removal Campaigns).