How can I pause outreach until a particular day and time

Outreach can be paused until a particular day/time on either the campaign or project level.

To pause outreach across an entire project, click on Project Settings > Advanced Options. Then set a date as well as a particular time and click on save. Please note that when pausing outreach until a specific date, you do not need to toggle outreach off. Your project and campaigns within the project will appear with messages let you known that outreach has been paused.

To pause a campaign’s outreach until a particular day/time, go to the campaign settings for the campaign in question. Click on Outreach Schedule. Select 'Advanced Options' and you’ll see a section labeled 'Pause Outreach Until'. Click the empty box and choose the date you’d like to pause outreach until and set the time. Be sure to save your settings. Please note that when pausing outreach until a specific date, you do not need to toggle outreach off. The campaign page will display the date that outreach is set to resume on. 

If you choose to pause outreach at both the project and campaign level, the settings used for the Project will take priority.