Moz Integration

UPDATE (as of June 29th. 2016): Moz integration is now included with Pitchbox, regardless if you have an API key! When you set up your campaign, you will be able to filter by (type of metrics) as well as display those metrics in your campaign results.

Pitchbox offers integrations with several SEO tools that further enhance your prospecting, one of those tools is Moz. To link your Pitchbox account to Moz follow these steps:

1) Log into Pitchbox and go to Settings > Account Settings. Once you're there, click "Integrations" on the left side menu.

2) On the integrations page, click the link to Moz.

3) Log into Moz (if you already have an account; if not, you will have to create one)

4) Once you're logged in, you should be brought back to the API Key page, click "Manage Mozscape API Key"

5) Copy your Key & Access ID; input into Pitchbox, check the box that says "Show Metrics"

6) Click "Save" at the bottom of the Integrations page; it may take a few minutes for your key to activate itself. Check back on the Integrations page in 5 minutes or so.