Manual vs. Automated Outreach

What is the difference between Manual and Automated Outreach?

Individual Outreach works best when you are trying to contact a high-value opportunity and don’t mind taking the extra time to fine-tune and perfect your message. By choosing Individual Outreach, you’ll have the ability to craft a custom message to your target, rather than allowing the automated mail merge process to do it all for you.

Additionally, if you haven’t received a response after a certain number of days (dependent upon the # of days you choose between attempts), the opportunities you chose for Individual Outreach will show up in the Compose section in your Campaign graph, alerting you to send out your 2nd or 3rd attempt.

If you have a good template and you don’t want to craft and tweak every single message, your best bet might be to select Automated Outreach. If you choose Automated Outreach, your first attempt will get sent out automatically, using your designated template, once you’ve personalized and reviewed and approved the personalization. If you don’t receive a response after x number of days, your follow up attempts will get sent out automatically according to your Outreach Schedule, which can be found in Campaign Settings.