Creating and Accessing Your Global Outreach Templates

Global Outreach Templates are custom templates that are accessible across every campaign and project. To create a Global Template, go to Settings at the top right, and select “Account Settings.” (Must be logged in as Admin) Select the tab on the left labeled “Global Templates.” To add your first Global Template, simply click “+ New Template” in the top right corner. Before saving, make sure Global Outreach Template is selected, not Quick Reply.

To add your global templates to your campaign, go to campaign settings, and click “Templates & Email Sequence.” (See: How do I return to my email templates?) On “Templates & Email Sequence”, select “+Add Attempt #1.” On the right side of the screen is your Template Library, along with the templates assigned to the current project, templates from This Project, Other Projects and your Global templates. Click the Global tab and you'll see all your global templates. Click on the desired template to add it as your Attempt #1 and be sure to save!