How to Match an Unmatched Email?

Keeping your unmatched folder empty is essential to keeping your outreach organized. If you’re curious as to why a particular email is in your unmatched folder, see: Why is this email in my Unmatched Folder?

To match an email to an opportunity you must first click on the message and then on the right, there will be a table for you to match up the details including Project, Campaign, Opportunity, and Contact. If this is a new opportunity, you can click 'Create New Opportunity'.

In some cases, Pitchbox will try to match the project, the campaign, and the opportunity for you via our 'Use Suggestions' feature. Unmatched emails with suggestions may appear with the label "Partial."

If you get a response from an opportunity in your unmatched emails that wants to unsubscribe, or is not interested in your outreach at this time, you can choose to:

  • Match and Unsubscribe
  • Match and Archive